This design originally started as a statehood centennial design in 1987 and had the slogan "Centennial Celebration" at the bottom.  The "Washington" at the top was a fancier design than just block lettering.  The graphic mountain design originally was thought to be Mt. Rainier, but it is actually just a generic mountain.  After the centennial year of 1989 passed, the state decided that the design was so popular, they would continue it as the standard design, with the "Centennial Celebration" slogan removed, and putting an end to production of the plain green/white design.  Later, the design was modified, putting a blocked lettered "WASHINGTON" off the left side of the plate and including the slogan "EVERGREEN STATE" at the bottom.


1991 without centennial slogan base:  The mountain design that began with the "centennial celebration" slogan now had the slogan removed.  Other than that, the design was unchanged, including the "00000" plate number format and wheelchair suffix.




1998 "EVERGREEN STATE" base: This new redesigned version of the centennial mountain base began in 1998 ("99" expiration sticker).  At the top of the plate, "WASHINGTON" was now in block letters and set to the left with both month and year stickers to the right.  The slogan "EVERGREEN STATE" was added to the bottom and there was no longer a border.  This base continued the "00000" plate number format used on previous base types.

ns (blue/reflective multicolored) m $2.00 "36064" (14478)
ns (blue/reflective multicolored) m $2.00 "37033" (14479)
ns (blue/reflective multicolored) m $2.00 "41491" (14480)
ns (blue/reflective multicolored) m $2.00 "43818" (14481)





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