"75" base:  The following design began in 1975 and had a debossed "75" in the right stickerwell.  Later issues had the "75" removed from the stickerwell.  This design also began with a star plate number separator, then later went to a Texas outline separator.

1975 (black/reflective white) g-vg $3.00 "JS*4401" (10265)

1976 (black/reflective white) natural vg $5.00 "AV*2208" (10184)




1986 "SESQUICENTENNIAL" base:  This design began in 1986 and recognized the 150th anniversary of independence.



Beginning with the 1987 expiration sticker, Texas began a smog emissions program in the Dallas/Ft. Worth and El Paso areas.  "Emissions" stickers had a bar above the year on the sticker (a bar above and below in later years).  The last expiration sticker was issued in 1993 ("94" sticker).  After that to the present, the state issued yearly windshield decals.

ns (blue/white) vg $2.00 "RF1 623" (13291)

ns (blue/white) vg $2.00 "UE7 025" (13013)

ns (blue/white) vg $2.00 "VZ5 502" (11127)

ns (blue/white) vg $2.00 "DD9 246" (13014)

ns (blue/white) vg $2.00 "DF2 073" (13015)




1999 plain space shuttle base:  During 1999, the state began a new design which included a space shuttle and oil derricks.  In the center, separating the plate number, is red silhouette of the state of Texas.

(blue/multicolored) m $3.00 "99C WP1" (11497)
(blue/multicolored) m $3.00 "24J SB1" (11503)



2004 flag space shuttle base:  During 2004, the state modified the space shuttle design in a number of ways.  The shuttle now has an American flag on the body with seven brighter stars above it.  The stars were a tribute to the seven astronauts aboard the space shuttle Columbia which burned up over the Texas skies during its reentry.  Also, the Texas silhouette plate number separator now is the state flag instead of a solid red.  The cowboy, bush and oil derricks were also slightly modified.




2009 dark sky/clouds base:  This design brings a completely flat truck plate for the first time.  The design is largely a partly cloudy sky with a mountain range in the distance at the bottom.  Red and blue streaks are in the top left corner of the plate with a white star over the streaks.  The state began a new seven-digit plate number format "AA0 0000".  Unlike the passenger plates of the same design, the truck plates use vowels.

(black/reflective multicolored) exc $3.00 "AR6 0351" (13159)

(black/reflective multicolored) vg $3.00 "AK0 2696" (10861)

(black/reflective multicolored) vg $3.00 "AX3 9060" (10862)

(black/reflective multicolored) vg $3.00 "AN6 5195" (10866)

(black/reflective multicolored) vg $3.00 "AR6 8432" (10867)

(black/reflective multicolored) vg $3.00 "AN4 6102" (10870)

(black/reflective multicolored) vg $3.00 "AS6 3251" (10871)

(black/reflective multicolored) vg $3.00 "AV3 0697" (10872)



2011 light sky/clouds base:  Like the passenger design, this is a continuation of the previous "dark sky" design, the sky lightened up and the plate number moved slightly lower to address law enforcement's concern about visibility of the plate numbers.  It is unknown where the change occurred on truck plates, but the "AA0 0000" format was continued and continues to use vowels.

(black/reflective multicolored) exc $3.00 "BM2 1208" (10128)

(black/reflective multicolored) exc $3.00 "BU6 9795" (10129)




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