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NEW WEBSITE FEATURE: "ORDER BY NUMBER"  To clarify the plate(s) you request and actually receive, I've given each plate on my website a five-digit "stock" number.  You may order just using that stock number, but I recommend copy/pasting the entire description line including the plate number and stock number.  (I've had people accidentally give me the wrong stock number, but since they gave me the plate number, it was resolved correctly.)  In many cases, I might have multiples of a certain plate, but with different plate numbers.  Using the stock numbers will allow you to select exactly the plate and plate number you would like, or at least it will inform you that the plate pictured may or may not be available.  I've only done these multiple listings for mint plates, since there's no uncertainty as to the condition of a mint plate: mint is mint.  All of the terms of the listing (such as year, county, condition, naturals, price, etc.) will still apply, even if that exact plate is not pictured.  I have finished going through ALL of my website boxes of plates to assign stock numbers.  I have also deleted ALL of the plates on my website without stock numbers, meaning that I don't have those plates any more.  Therefore, there is a 99.9% likelihood that I have the plate(s) you request, unless it is reserved for someone who has sent payment and I'm just waiting for the payment to arrive.

Payment methods:


I also accept payments through PayPal.  Go to "www.paypal.com" to make the payment My account is my email address "BPRPL8S@PEOPLEPC.COM".  Credit card payments may be made through PayPal.

Your order can usually be shipped within 72 hours of receipt of PayPal, money orders and cash payments, or personal checks from Automobile License Plate Collectors Association (ALPCA) members.  Put simply, my usual mailing days are Thursdays and Saturdays, but packages under 13 ounces can be dropped in the mailbox and mailed virtually any day.

Personal checks from non-ALPCA members must clear before shipment of your order.

Shipping: Shipping & handling is extra on all orders, domestic and/or international.  The shipping methods are explained below. Although the shipment is likely to be shipped by the United States Postal Service, please have a street address available in case it is requested for shipment by Federal Express or United Parcel Service (UPS).  I am not responsible for the performance of the shipping service once placed with the service.  Insured shipping is available upon request and is extra.  The below rates reflect the USPS's NEW postal rates and policies as of January 27, 2013.

U.S. addresses, including military addresses:

1 plate: United States Postal Service (USPS), your choice: Priority Mail $7.25 or first class mail $3.75

Disclaimer on first class mailing:

While I've seen most first class mailings take a few days for delivery, I have also seen some first class mailings take up to six weeks for delivery.  You and I don't know which packages the Postal Service is going to take a long time to deliver.  If you want better Postal Service assurance of delivery time, I recommend going with the Priority Mail, which the Postal Service advertises as generally taking 2-3 days for delivery.

2 full-sized plates: $6.50 mailed first class mail, $7.25 if you prefer Priority Mail

3-4 full-sized plates: Priority Mail $7.25 (I can usually slip in one to a few small-sized plates, like motorcycles.  Also, flat full-sized plates may allow me to get more than four plates into the Priority Mail envelope, but it's not guaranteed.)

5-10 plates: Priority Mail $7.25 + $1.00 (=$8.25) for careful double-packaging and handling

11-50 plates: Maximum $15.50 shipping for USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Box.  Holds up to about 50 plates, more if small plates are included.

Non-U.S. addresses:

First class: Depends on the weight of the plate and no guarantee on the delivery time, espcecially during holidays.  (Minimum $1 for handling).  Ask me!!!

(Usually, a single aluminum 6"x12" plate can go first class to Canada for $10.50 and the rest of the world for $15.00.  Not all steel plates are the same weight, so the shipping price is not the same for all steel plates.)

Priority Mail (airmail): The Postal Service offers International Priority Mail (airmail) to most countries for $28.00 ($24.00 to Canada) and 6-10 day advertised delivery time.  I can get up to 4 plates into the Priority Mail envelope, plus a few motorcycle sized plates, and it is not likely to have any weight limit problems.  Also, flat full-sized plates may allow me to get more than four plates into the Priority Mail envelope, but it's not guaranteed.

NEW: Priority Mail (airmail) legal size: The Postal Service now offers International Priority Mail (airmail) in a legal sized envelope.  I am estimating that I can get up to 10 plates, but it is subject to weight limits.  To most countries the charge is $29.00 and $25.00 to Canada.  The post office advertises a 6-10 day expected delivery time.  I recommend this envelope for up to about 20 plates (two 10 plate envelopes).  After 20 plates, it is more economical that the plates go into the box rate (see below).

Priority Mail (airmail) box: The Postal Service offers International Priority Mail (airmail) in a box to most countries for $70.00 ($51.00 to Canada) and advertises 6-10 day delivery.  The Postal Service provides the box, but the maximum weight to most countries is 20 U.S. pounds.  I've been known to get about 50 plates into that box and, depending on the mix of steel and aluminum plates, it usually will stay under the 20 pounds.  Check with me to make sure the plates you want will fit into the box and your country satisfies the postal weight limits! 

Important note on shipping times: The international delivery times above are from the U.S. Postal Service's advertisements, so the shipping times are not guaranteed.  Remember, delivery time also depends on the quality of YOUR country's postal service.

Sales of currently valid plates:  Sales of plates that have valid registration stickers are sold only to ALPCA members with currently valid membership.  Please provide your ALPCA membership number for verification.  This does not apply to plates that do not normally get renewal stickers, such as plates renewed with windshield decals (New York, New Jersey, Texas) or plates that are "permanent".

Availability:  While every effort is made to keep the website up-to-date, all plates listed are subject to prior sale.

Where to mail payment:  If mailing your payment, please send to:

Brian P. Reback
P. O. Box 7552
Northridge, California   91327-7552   U.S.A.

Conditions of the plates:  The terminology used to describe the conditions of the license plates listed are from the Automobile License Plate Collectors Association guidelines and the abbreviations are listed as follows:

     m = mint

     unused = not mounted on a vehicle, but not in mint fresh condition

     exc = excellent

     vg = very good

     g = good

     f = fair

     p = poor

Other abbreviations are as follows:

     ns = no sticker

     xh = extra hole (2xh = two extra holes, etc.)

     r = rusted

     "-" (hyphen) = an in-between grade, such as between vg and g

     "/" (slash) = used for pairs, meaning the conditions of each of the two plates when the two plates
                       are different conditions

 Color descriptions: Colors are noted in the descriptions and the format is writing/background.

For example, black/white means black writing on a white background.  Black & blue/white means black and blue writing on a white background with black the primary writing color of the plate number and maybe other writing on the plate.

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Terms of sales

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