1971 "76" base:  This design began in 1971 in anticipation of the nation's bicentennial in 1976.  Although the plate's slogan was "BICENTENNIAL STATE '76", the plate had a lightly debossed unpainted "71" in the top left stickerwell.  The plate number format began with the all-numeric "000 000" format.  When that format was exhausted, the six-digit plate number included one alpha.  It appears that the alpha began in the first position, then the last position.  Subsequently, the alpha was placed in positions two, three, and four until the design was discontinued in 1977.



1977 blue/yellow "KEYSTONE STATE" base:  This design completely replaced the previous bicentennial design and began with the all-numeric "000 000" format.  When that format was exhausted, the plate number included one alpha, first in position one, then position six, and finally in position two when the state abandoned the format in favor of the "AAA 000" format in 1980 (see below).

"000 000" format:


"A00 000" format:

1978 (blue/reflective yellow) vg $3.00 "G25 772" (10035)


"000 00A" format:



"0A0 000" format:




1980 blue/yellow "KEYSTONE STATE" "AAA 000" base:  Similar to the previous design, the state converted to the conventional "AAA 000" plate number format.



1983 "You've Got a Friend in" base:  This controversial design ran from the "HAA" block through the "RZZ" block and reversed the previous design's color scheme to yellow/blue.



1987 yellow/blue "KEYSTONE STATE" "AAA 000" base:  This design, similar to the previous 1980 design, replaced the "FRIEND" base in 1987, beginning with the "SAA" block.




1991 yellow/blue "KEYSTONE STATE" "AAA 0000" base:  When this design reached the "ZZZ" block, the design was converted to a "AAA 0000" plate number format.

1996 (reflective yellow/blue) vg $3.00 "AVA 4497" (10622)



1999 "WWW.STATE.PA.US" base:  This design began in 1999 ("00" expiration sticker) and included the state's website address and using a fully reflective graphic design for the first time.  Plate numbers began at "DAA 0000".

2001 (blue/reflective white) natural vg $3.00 "DGY 0119" (14344)

2002 (blue/reflective white) natural vg $3.00 "EKX 0751" (11154)

2002 (blue/reflective white) natural vg $3.00 "DZJ 4596" (11155)




2004 "visitPA.com" base:  This design is similar to the website design above, but with solid color bars at the top and bottom (rather than fading), a different font for the state name and slogan, and a new tourism website address at the bottom.  The keystone separator is bigger than in the previous design.

2011 (blue/reflective white) natural vg $3.00 "HNG 5937" (10638)

2011 (blue/reflective white) vg $3.00 "GFV 7782" (10694)





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