PASSENGER - 2003 farm scene base

Passenger:  Up to 1980 ("81" dated base), Indiana issued yearly plates.  The first multiyear base was issued in 1981 featuring a farm scene at the top with the "Hoosier State" slogan.  This design and the next three designs, "WANDER", "Back Home Again", and "Hoosier Hospitality", were each used for three years.  Thereafter, each base has been used for five years before being replaced with a new design.  For all designs, everyone received a new plate upon each redesign.  Because Indiana county codes the plates (see Indiana county codes), the pages can get enormous to download.  Beginning with the 1984 "WANDER" design, I have split the pages into the following bases, each being a link to my website page of that type:

Pre 1984 "WANDER" base (yearly issues)

1984 "WANDER" base

1987 "Back Home Again" base

1990 "Hoosier Hospitality" base


1998 "The Crossroads of America" base

2003 farm scene base

type I

type II

2008 blue state seal base


Type II

2003 farm scene base:  This design was introduced in 2003 (screened "04" expiration).  The background of the design is a farm scene and was produced in a fully flat style.  There are two sizes of plate numbers, which I've identified as "type I" and "type II".  The large plate numbers (type I) were unfavorable to law enforcement agencies, so the state reduced the size (type II).  For both types, to the left of the letter in the plate number is the county code (see Indiana county codes).  The year sticker has the plate number imprinted on it.  Because I have many of both types, I've split the group into two pages.  Click here to access the type I page.




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