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B-truck:  The "B" weight class of truck was separated from the commercial truck plate series beginning in 1983 (coinciding with the blue bar passenger plates of the same year) and is for light weight trucks under 8,000 lbs, such as pick-up trucks.  Originally, this class was part of the truck class and had a fiscal year of July 1 to June 30.  Because there are so many more of this class than the heavier weight classes, the "B" class was separated out to become it's own class, including a different design than the heavier trucks and renewed with a sticker in staggered monthly format.  Click here to see the commercial truck page: Illinois - truck, commercial.


1983 red/white base:  This design began in 1983 ("83" or "84" renewal sticker) along side the blue bar passenger plates.  The design was similar, with the difference being the red writing and the absence of any blue.  From "83" through "86" stickers were half the size of the stickerwell on the bottom of the plate and were placed either on the left side or the right side of the stickerwell.  Starting with the "87" sticker, the sticker was the full width of the stickerwell.  The state used the plate number format of leading numbers (up to five) followed by one or two letters.


2001 Lincoln graphic:  This design, introduced in 2001 ("01" and "02" stickers), phased out the old blue bar base plates and was issued along side the passenger plates of the same design.  The plate number configuration is "00 000 A".  Differences from the passenger design include a red script "Illinois" at the top instead of blue, blue plate numbers instead of red, no blue fading at the bottom, and, of course, the vertical "B TRUCK" down the right side of the plate.




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This page was last updated 10/21/13